Value Services

We love the satisfaction of a work well done.

Work: our trajectory has been built on constant work: we are non-conformist with results that might be considered seemingly correct. We always ask ourselves “what else can we do for our client; can we improve on what we have done? More than 60 years asking ourselves, every day, these same questions. Thousands of clients and thousands of homes bought with enthusiasm and sold with great emotion.

Working well, just for the sake of doing it well.

Trust is not asked for: it is earned through facts.

Trust: trust is not asked for: it is earned through facts and maintained over time. We have never asked for trust, but we have always earned it. Trust is difficult to obtain, because, first, you have to deliver a work well done; and then you have to keep demonstrating that - day after day, year after year - Rimontgó does not give surprises: it always responds. A work well done is not only satisfying for us, but also deserves the trust of our customers. Trust is deserved, or not. People are sovereign when it comes to granting it.

Responsibility is on us.

Exigency: our self-demand goes beyond what our clients can ask of us. why? Because the responsibility for the highest level of advice is on us. We are the experts in a specific market and we are the ones who must consider all aspects related to a specific real estate transaction. The only way to gain the trust of our clients is to carry out our work with the highest standards and dedication.

... in every personal moment of your life and family.

Personalization: each person responds to different needs at different times in their lives. Our job is to know in detail the circumstances, anticipate their possible evolution over the foreseeable time horizon and provide the most suitable response possible, in accordance with their needs and objectives at each personal moment of their life and that of their family.

Anticipation is the guarantee of a smooth process, without surprises.

Attention to detail: one of the reasons for our prestige in this sector is our attention to detail. Details matter. We anticipate the circumstances that, logically, will arise in the process of any purchase or sale. Our experience allows us to be one step ahead, anticipating problems and providing solutions. Controlling all the details - sometimes not very apparent - is what guarantees a smooth relationship with our clients. Nothing annoys a customer more than surprises. We avoid them, we anticipate problems, we solve them and we offer everyone a personalised, smooth and frictionless experience.

... before, during and after completion of the assignment.

Tranquillity: the aim of our work is the satisfaction of our clients, that they can see, by our actions, that they are in the best hands and that everyone has peace of mind, before, during and after the completion of the assignment.

Insurance is taken out with the peace of mind of never having to use it.

Security: we develop our work with all the economic and legal guarantees, for the total tranquillity of our clients. We have a civil liability insurance of several million euros that we have never used in more than 60 years.


Family: respect for the family name, for its good reputation, is the first condition of our actions. The second is a deep respect for our clients' savings, for their enthusiasm when buying, for their motivation when selling, for their respect for history, for the cultural heritage of our cities and the architectural value of their buildings. Our clients are families: our respect for them has been ingrained in our way of working for decades. Responsibility is in our hands.