FORBES Global Properties is a company specialized in providing exclusive and personalized service to the most demanding buyers looking for the most beautiful homes in the world.

This service is provided by people chosen for their experience, their prudence in valuing, their dense knowledge of the local market, their common sense and their vocation of loyal and committed service to their clients.

Forbes Global Properties is the result of the alliance of some of the most prestigious real estate companies in the world and the international business communication company Forbes.

Connecting with FORBES providing, on an exclusive basis, the service of residential sales at the highest level, is only the result of the natural evolution of both.

Rimontgó is the third of eight real estate companies, shareholders and founders of FORBES Global Properties.

Rimontgó welcomes in Spain foreign clients who request a confidential and exclusive service in the field of high-end residences.

Reciprocally, this exclusive and confidential service is replicated anywhere in the world thanks to the close personal and professional relationship that exists between its members.